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Community Services Committee: Chair: Sandy Currie

Accomplishments to Date
(Report by Peter Lawrie, Committee Chair, 2010-2011-12)
View PowerPoint presentation delivered by 2012-13 Chair Edwin Taylor at the July 10, 2012 Assembly

Good committee participation and support. My sincere thanks! Successfully (over last year + this year) raised $28,000 to finance, in partnership with the Municipality, renovations at the Rotary Water Park at Carnarvon Park. A work party of Rotarians also did a Spring re-paint in May and the park is now open for the season. Selected and sent two great candidates to RYLA (we will hear their reports on June 7th). Selected and sent a great candidate to Adventures in Citizenship (his report on June 7th). Very active successful year with Oak Bay Interact Club – their primary local project was Memory Café (with Lori McLeod and Oak Bay Lodge) and their international project was "Rabbits for Rwanda" in partnership with John Jordan and high school students in Rwanda. They also supported several other "sweat equity" local projects. (Again, we will hear more on June 7th). Financed a SMART board for Quadra School ($4500). The cheque presentation will be in June. Will confirm date and advise. Any/all of you are invited.
Will finalize a further contribution to George Jay, following final tally of Tuscan dinner. Hoping that we will have a significant contribution to a second SMART board between this year and next. Regenerated the Greater Victoria Rotary Literacy Round table, with the leadership of Jim Force, to create a united voice for literacy support across the region. First project was the successful book drive for the Times Colonist Book Sale. They are looking at a new, united project and fund raiser for next year.

Looking Ahead to Next Year: If you are not on a committee already for next year, please consider joining the Community Services Committee! This is a committee where we look for local projects that we can be proud of and that will make a difference to our community.

Focal points include literacy, Interact, youth leadership, Municipal partnership. We will do a needs analysis with George Jay, Quadra and (other?) schools to support their highest priorities. We are committed to start and support a second Interact Club.
We are exploring and evaluating the following opportunities:

Teen Centre in the new Oak Bay High School design
Bus for Monterey Centre
Cattle Point Environmental priorities
Municipal Marine Park priorities

If there are other projects or needs that any member sees or is passionate about, please let us know and/or join the CSC and help make it happen.


Summary of Community Services Committee Planning Discussions (July 31st & August 5th)

Summer 2010: The committee held two meetings. Part of the group met on July 31st and part met on August 5th. As a first meeting, it was important to try to get ideas from as many members as possible. We reviewed the potential projects carried over from last year, considered new projects to tackle and also considered various fund raising opportunities.
We wanted to expand our ideas and then begin to narrow our focus based on priorities of resources and impact. The following is my assessment of what we, as a group, were galvanizing around. We will have to refine it further subject to more discussion with the executive, budget considerations and completing some of our own homework and due diligence.

Summary of Funding Requests and Sources:
We took a very conservative approach to potential funding requests. We tended to focus on places we could make a significant impact devoting time and talent and sparingly looked at places which would require significant funding. This will require us to engage many more people in various projects and initiatives. Our most significant funding requests are:

  1. $1500 to George Jay funded by the Smile cards. My understanding is this has already been approved. If we are willing to advance the funds and then successfully apply for a SDG, we can support Quadra as well with no additional budget impact. Giles is willing to get on this quickly.
  2. $3000 to Interact -- $1000 for Adventures in Citizenship; $1000 for two RYLA candidates; $500 for Adventures in Music; $500 seed money.
  3. There is another potential up to $2000 that is discretionary spread across 3 potential opportunities, listed in the table below.
  4. Ideally we would like to have more to allocate. We know that current funding is tight. We are committed to work with the executive and the whole club to generate additional funds for us to expand our work locally and internationally. To that end we have included a potential fund raising section in the table below.

I) Project/Initiative Priorities:

A) Literacy initiatives for 09/10:



Who/follow up

Budget Impact


Dictionaries for George Jay – use the $1500 Smile Card revenues; Ask the Executive to pre-approve in anticipation of successful SMILE card campaign.

Heather will organize SMILE card;
Giles will organize coordination with George Jay

Financed by SMILE card


Support Quadra Elementary initiative. We need to work with Principal/Vice Principal to determine needs. Finance through a Simplified District Grant, based on matching our $1500 “preapproved” George Jay funds

Giles will liaise with Quadra and write up a matching grant application by mid September



“Both Read” Initiative in George Jay. We have donated the books previously. Giles will follow up to determine how implementation has occurred and determine what, if any, volunteer resources are required to ensure effectiveness. This may be a good project to invite members of Interact to support and Rotary may have to provide some “shuttle” service.

Giles to report back on needs if any. Committee will develop an appropriate plan.



Victoria Immigration and Refugee Centre Society’s “Enable Program” for youth. Determine the needs and potential project potential to support their youth programs. We are thinking minimal financial commitments and considering a “talent and time” potential. Again, this may have a good tie in with Interact.

Pete Lawrie to contact coordinators and explore “needs”. Report back to committee.

Neutral to Minimal
(0 - $750)


Steven Point donation. Everyone thought this was worthwhile. Last year we donated $500. Our thought was to investigate further to see if there is a need or opportunity for a time and talent project to support. This could require some partnership with other clubs. We might be a catalyst for the right opportunity. Tom Croft was willing to inquire and investigate further and to recommend a potential course of action.

Tom Croft to investigate and report back on a potential project.

Neutral to Minimal.
(0 - $750)

B) Supporting Local Charities:






Collecting for Christmas Kettle/Salvation Army. Our thought was that we enthusiastically continue to support this effort with our volunteer time. Any additional funds would be subject to having sufficient unassigned funds in our budget. Last year we donated $500 in addition to providing Kettle time.

Ask Rod Sim if he would be willing to lead this initiative again



Mustard Seed food drive with Fairways and other Greater Victoria Rotary clubs. We really liked this idea and liked the success of the July drive. We think the next 3 could have an even bigger impact. We need to find someone on our committee who would be willing to champion the enlisting and organizing of volunteers and ensuring good signage etc. Last year we held a club food drive in December and donated ~$500 to Mustard Seed. We all thought working with Fairways in this manner is a bigger impact and would be a good replacement for the previous donations and club based food drives.

Pete will approach John Snively when he returns to see if he would be interested in leading this. John did some spade work with Mustard seed last year.


C) Youth






Interact: continue our support of the Interact. Some likely projects would include a continuation of Malawi/APU support + shelter box (possible camp out) + George Jay and/or Memory Café for volunteer time + Adventures in Citizenship. Would also like to try one more time to encourage and support RYLA. We have some plans to target greater interest and participation in RYLA. Still interested in supporting Adventures in Music. Shelley interested in tag teaming support for Interact.

Pete and Shelley to tag team for Interact. Continue to invite other Rotarians to join weekly meetings.

Up to $3000


Car Seats for ICBC program. This is one we donated $500 to last year. We think this was money well spent. We may be requested again and would consider the request subject to budget and other priorities.

No committee follow up planned at this time.

Neutral to Minimal.

D) Seniors:






Memory Café at Oak Bay Lodge. This could be a major undertaking and “branded” as a Rotary program. There have been many discussions to date between Tom and Lori and with Lori and the key point person at Oak Bay Lodge. This could be a great way to support residents in a way that is rewarding to everyone who participates. It could be a great potential partnership with Interact too. Sara has been approached and thinks some of the Interactors would be interested. This is definitely a time and talent opportunity (vs. financial). We will be looking for someone on the committee who might be interested in being our key point person. Someone who would participate and enlist/organize volunteers to participate. We are thinking/hoping that this might be of interest to Joe.

Ask Joe if he would be interested in leading the charge on this one with Lori and the Oak Bay Lodge program organizer.



Possible partnership with Eldercare  through fund raising – Vicky to discuss Jack’s thoughts with respect to Gospel Choir. Executive consider potential Spring Golf fund raiser (discussed further in fund raising section below)

Vicky to discuss with Jack.

Positive (see below)

E) Community-at-large






Meet with Mayor Causton to discuss potential community based project needs. This will give us a good idea of scope and potential priorities to consider. This was suggested by Tom and endorsed by all. Barry Mutter volunteered to follow up with the Mayor.

Barry to discuss with the Mayor

TBD, subject to funding


Join the Community Services Association ($10). There may be opportunities to contribute time and talent. May be opportunities that are suitable for financial support, subject to funding. Heather brought an application form to fill out. Pete will do so, following discussion at Executive Meeting.

Pete to discuss with Executive

Minimal ($10 to join)


II) Fund Raising possibilities:
A number of ideas were generated, some involved continuing previous efforts and some involved new potential. Below are the ones that seemed to generate most support:




~ Budget Impact


Tea Party – cotton candy & popcorn




Thrifty Smile Cards




House and Garden Tour

Lorna ++



Scotch Tasting

Tom L



Gospel Choir (subject to discussions with Jack) Discuss if we could share in the proceeds from 25% – 50%

Vicky to discuss

$3500 - $7000


Sept 18th 9 and dine golf

Heather ++



Spring Golf (~May). May be best to partner with Elder Care or other group. Will need to start early on organizing, sponsorships and auction items. Considering less expensive venue such as Cedar Hill or possibly Highland Pacific. Some homework and number crunching still to do.

Tom C ++

$8000 +


Theme Dinner + Auction (possible November or February/March) (also potentially good for introducing possible new members)
Some upper island clubs reportedly have raised $15 - $20,000. May need to investigate further


$5000 + (?)


Community Theme Puzzle. This could be a useful way to elevate our exposure and profile in the community and engage businesses, schools, other groups, families and individuals. Link to website attached to cover note. This was information supplied by Perry last year for possible Interact interest. I think it is an interesting club wide opportunity.

Pete ++

$4000 - $6000 (?)


Strategic use of Simplified District Grants such as leveraging the smile cards funds to expand support to two schools


$2000 (?)


Consider pursuing a Direct Access Grants with Casinos.




Determine status of our “charitable status” designation application. Are there more opportunities available to us when we are successful with this?

Check with Vicky on status


Link to Community Services 2008-2009

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