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Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel (MAP)
With thanks to the late Len Lane. The early section is gleaned from an address he made on
the occasion of the Club's 20th Anniversary Dinner, December 20, 1994 at the Laurel Point Inn.

In the beginning...

Monday May 13, 1974 saw the organizational meeting of the club at the Uplands Golf Course. Present at the meeting was the Rotary International president for 1974, William Carter, who just happened to be in the area. Three weeks later, the venue was moved to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, and the meeting time set to Noon on Tuesdays.

Official recognition that the club had become part of Rotary International was received on July 24, 1974.

The Charter Night meeting was held on October 19, 1974 with 22 charter members in attendance. District Governor, Bob Brewster, presented the charter to the Club's first president, Barney Simmons. Among the charter members were Deans (D.P.) Peggs (father of Joan Peggs), Bruce Walker (father of Kevin Walker), and Ray Rawnsley (Neil's father). At that meeting, the club received the first banner by a visiting Rotarian from the Retford Club in Nottingham, England. This is one of hundreds of banners the club has received to date.

On October 28, 1974, the first Club Assembly was held. The luncheon cost was $3. This was raised two months later to $3.75. The first termination of membership occurred due to poor attendance and non-payment of dues at this time.

The Club's first project took place on March 11, 1975, when the club members built four picnic tables in Uplands Park at a cost of $300. Six were proposed, but after a letter of complaint to President John Ansell that the tables could lead to destruction of rare native plants in Cattle Point, only four were built and installed.

On January 25, 1976, the Club welcomed its first Exchange Student, Kathy Igoe from Australia. She now lives in Lilydale in the state of Victoria

In February, 1978, signs were erected on the Pat Bay Highway (near the race track) and on the Trans Canada Highway (near Goldstream Park) advertising the meeting days and times of all local Clubs.

Deans (D.P.) Peggs was appointed District Governor for 1978-1979. The Club donated a 12-passenger van to the Oak Bay Police Department for the purpose of transporting youth to various school and sporting events. A successful fund-raiser ($3775.60) was a raffle, the prize for which was a round-trip to Australia.

On July 23, 1979, the members met aboard the SS Robertson II, with a Harbour Cruise thrown in.

On September 13, 1979 the 43 Club members coughed up $10 each to erect a sign informing the public of the historical importance of the John Tod House on Heron Street. It was unveiled on February 24, 1980, Rotary International's 75th birthday. Mayor Watts and MLA Brian Smith were in attendance. The idea for the plaque came from past-president, Nels Granewall.

March 1980 saw three events:

D.P. Peggs achieved Pioneer status after 20 years in Rotary
Three tape recorders were purchased and sent to Israel
The luncheon cost increased to $6.50

A Casino Night was held November 6, 1981 which saw a profit of more than $2,500. In 1984, the Club joined forces with the Victoria Club to hold what was to be, according to Len Lane, the greatest Casino bonanza of all times. It was, however, a bit of a disaster, raising only $854. Reasons for the disaster were: there was a Casino nearby, a hugely important hockey game was on, and the City of Victoria experienced the worst rainfall it had seen in years.

Some of the luncheon venues the meetings were held in in the early years included: UVic, Pearson College, Jack Lee's Chinese Village, the Racquet Club, the Yacht Club, Panda Restaurant, the Ramada inn, and Brentwood Bay.

Organizations receiving financial help in the early eighties included:

George Pearkes Centre (a play-learning centre; $2167; 1982)
Geriatric Centre (purchase of a van; $3000; 1984)
Gerontology Association ($1000; 1984)
Juan de Fuca Hospital (Wheel Chair)
Bursaries to Oak Bay Senior Citizens to take courses.
Cash Donations to Operation Eyesight and the Salvation Army
Sale of Cookbooks (Among Friends) for R.I.'s Polio Plus Campaign

The Tenth Anniversary meeting was held on October 19, 1984, with President Nels Granewall presiding.

A successful 100% attendance drive was held in November 1984, followed by a 90% attendance rate for 75 consecutive months.

On June 17, 1986, one member paid for his lunch in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

In May 1989, a Bicycle Safety Rodeo was held at Monterey School, arranged by Jamie Stevenson.


Oak Bay Rotary and Harbourside combined forces to improve the lookout at King George Terrace. It was officially opened on February 8, 1990 by Mayor Susan Bryce. The Club donated $3000.

The Peter Pan Water Park Project at Carnarvon Park was opened in July 1991 by Mayor Dianne Butler. This followed many weekends of toil and sweat by Club members.

The First female Club President was Helen Beirnes, 1993-94

July 24, 2003 was declared Rotary Day in Oak Bay by Mayor Chris Causton in recognition of the work done by the Oak Bay Rotary Club in the community.

2004: Oak Bay Teen Centre and Skateboard Area named the Rotary Teen Area in recognition of the donations both in time and money towards this area by the Oak Bay Rotary Club.

In 2005-2006 Joan Firkins (second female Club President) was District Governor for District 5020.

In November, 2006, the meeting venue moved to the Oak Bay Recreation Centre after the closure of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

In July, 2013, the meeting venue moved back to the newly constructed Oak Bay Beach Hotel on Beach Drive.

  • International Projects include:

Guatemala: Educational, Social and Health programs
Malawi Girls Secondary School
Sustainability Project (Rwanda)
Polio Plus Project (Worldwide)
Tricycle Project (Uganda)
Hearing Aids (Zimbabwe)
Clean Water Project (Peru)
AIDS Projects (Ethiopia)
Play Ball Project (Nicaragua)
Malawi Health Clinic
Zanzibar: Hands Across Borders

Some of our history is missing. If you have information, corrections, or know of members' names that are missing or spelled incorrectly, please email tricia@photo-j.com


Barney Simmons
David Sills
John Ansell
Joan Firkins
Glen Wall
Mark Bedford
Hamish Simpson
Foster Isherwood
Neil Robinson
Stan Livingstone
Brian Lamb
Tom Croft
Denis Browne
Rod Sim
Owen Brown
Lorna Curtis
Len Lane
Heather Aked
Bob Dudley
Ron Cooley
Nels Granewall
David Maxwell
Egon Baumann
Tav Macpherson
George Pritchard
Jack Petrie
Harald Harresson
Neil Rawnsley
Henry Minto
Vicky Pitt
Colin Smith
John Edgell
Jules Russo
Joan Peggs
Andy Anderson
2012-13 Joan Peggs
Richard Bowles
2013-14 Peter Lawrie
Helen Beirnes
  2014-15 Jim Force
Paul Jonson
  2015-16 Heather Aked

(** denotes Charter Member - total 22)

(* denotes Present Member) 2014: 60 members

Anderson, Andy
Alexander, Ron
Arther, Bernard
Aked, Heather *
Andersen, Ben
Ansell, John**
Acomba, Richard
Arnason, Kathleen
Bach, Hans
Baer, Dick
Bailey, Irv
Baird, Les**
Bassyouni, Michael
Bowron, John
Braden, Don
Bowles, Richard
Bristol-Price Barbara
Butler, Diana
Brand, Ted
Brousson, Court
Browne, Denis
Bixler, Giles *
Bamji, Perry *
Baumann, Egon
Bedford, Mark
Beauvais, Bob
Beirnes, Helen
Best, Shelly
Beyer, Ron * Burns, Bill * Bannerman, Eugen * Burger, Corey *  
Cabeldu, John
Cairns, Ian
Campbell, Ted
Carr-Harris, B.
Charlton, Art
Cook, Bob
Croft, Tom *
Clinton-Baker, D.
Cronsberry, Ivan
Crow, John
Cruise, Mike
Canty, Mary *
Carrigan, Donna
Carter, Will *
Chambers, Ted *
Chapple, Dallas *
Cooley, Ron *
Curtis, Lorna *
Canty, Les
Ronald W. Crow
Corraini, Sabrina* Currie, Sandy *      
Davidson, John
Delves, Derek
Davidson, Russel
Davies, John
DeBondt, John
Dickinson, Les
Dokken, Maynard
Douglas, Bob
Doull, Jim
Dromrosky, Gordon
Dudley, Bob
Dugany, Michael
Durksen, Frank
Davie, Irene
Diemecke, Pablo *
Dixon-Will, Emma        
Edgell, John *
Easterbrook, Jim**
Effer, Dennis
Ellis, Geoff**
Emerson, John**
Eley, Therese
Fahlman, Bob
Firkins, Joan *
Fowler, Gordon
Fairclough, Floyd**
Ferguson, David
Filer, Rod
Foote, Norrie
Fraser, Allen
Friend, Ron
Force, Jim *
Froese, Kathleen
Faryon, Richard
Gordon, Walter
Graham-Marr, Hugh
Guenette, Joe
Granewall, Nels
Gaudet, Ron
Grisold, Jeffrey
Gibbs, Renate * Gisler, Janna * Gisler, Ryan *  
Hackett, Terry
Hamelin, Paul
Harresson, Harald
Harrison, Ted
Harris, John**
Harvey, Bob
Hasle, Al
Hersey, Andy**
Hill, Jack
Hutchins, Jack
Harthill, Steve
Hayworth, Cindy
Hogarth, Wendie
Holden, Martin
Hromic, Bedrija
Harresson, Konnae
Hogman, Michelle
Hellyer, Shannon
Hawkesbury, Alyson Helm, Claire
Hodges, Mike Hyde, Naida * Hildebrand, Jenny *    
Isherwood, Foster
Inch, Don
Irvine, Russill
Jonson, Paul
Jennings, Jay
Jackson, Carl
Juno, Patty
Johannknect, Peter
Jeliazkov, Jivko
Jordan, John* Jensen, Nils (Hon)    
Kant, Tony
Kelly, Tom
Lamb, Brian *
Lane, Len
Levinson, Ben
Lambeth, Jim
Lineham, Bob
Lidkea, Tom *
Livingston, Stan
Lawrie, Peter *
Lindsay, Davis
Laing, Jim*
Ludwig, Markus Le Sage, Michelle *      
McConville, Walt
Meilleur, Noel
Minto, Henry
McCready, Bill
McGregor, Jamie
McIntosh, Don
McLeod, Ron
McWilliams, Doug
Miles, Cecil
Minns, Frank
Mollinson, Don
Morgan, Frank
Monje-Alvarez, G.
Macpherson, Tav *
Madsen, Neil *
Marsh, Cedric
McDougall, Doug
McLean, Jerry
McLeod, Lori *
Maxwell, David *
Munro, Angele
Murray, Lynne *
Mutter, Barry *
McNeill, Matt
McLaughlin, Ross
Meredith, Hazel
Murphy, Sarah
Mealing, Jacqueline
Mosca, Gianfranco
Mawhinney, Mark McIntyre, Anne *      
Nordal, Joe
Nazar, Gary
Newman, Dick
Neroutsos, Phil*
Nation, Janette *
Okurily, Don
Oldford, Terry
O'Brien, Michael
Olson, Stephen
Ockermueller Hans
O'Coffey, Don *
Paterson, Bev
Pearce, Ted
Parris, Rob
Pawsey, Spence**
Penny, Norgrove
Philip, David *
Picken, John
Poole, Werk
Pritchard, George
Pusey, Valery
Pellerin, Ray
Pelvay, Les**
Peters, Bob
Pittock, Al
Pratt, John
Peggs, D.P.**
Patrick, Margaret
Peggs, Joan *
Petrie, Jack *
Pitt, Victoria *
Prentice, Joe
Playfair, John
Pui, Mandy *
Quigley, Gordon
Rawnsley, Neil *
Rounthwaite, John
Russo, Jules
Ransom, Tom
Rawnsley, Ray**
Reed, Wayne
Reichmann, Hans
Richardson, David
Robinson, Bill**
Robinson, Neil**
Rogers-Warnock Leslie
Reyes, MariaTheresa
Roethel, Sonya
Shaffter, John
Shillington, Gary
Shorthouse, Bob
Simmons, Barney**
Simpson, Hamish
Simpson, Peter
Smith, Colin
Smith, Don
Spooner, Roy
Stebbing, Bill
Stevenson, Jaime
Sullivan, Gerry**
Sim, Rod *
Sharlow, Bill
Sills, David
Sims, Anne *
Snively, John
Stirling, Jan
Schopper, Wolf *
Skinner, Colin
Sharlow, Steve *
Smith, Gary
Sou, Peter
Schelle, Bob *
Smith, September
Seigel, Lois
Taylor, Wynn *
Temple, Tony
Thompson, Trevor
Titterton, Dave**
Todd, Debbie
Takahashi, Tsuyoshi
Timmermans Tricia
Toal, Carol
Townsend, Wendy *
Uppal, Sanjay *  
Vaucher-Fleurie, Eric
Van der Veen, Jessica
Whan Tong, Bert
Wrinch, Harold
Walker, Bruce**
Wagnell, Mike
Walker, Keith
Wall, Glenn**
Waters, Rob**
Watling, Con**
Weibel, Lou
Wilson, Vic**
Walker, Kevin
Watson, Tony**
Wakely, Lee
Westler, Batya
Westler, David
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