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District 5020 Governor 2014-2015: Michael Procter
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New Generations Director 2015-16: Jim Force

Assembly July 10, 2012 ~ AIMS
· Working with the International committee to engage our new generations' youth in some international projects and social media activities;
· Continuing to support the Interact Club at Oak Bay High; (outgoing Interact Co-Chairs have set the stage for recruiting new members and engaging current members in September, and Caitlin (who spoke to the club about Adventures in Citizenship) has committed to come back next year at the start of things to help recruit, motivate and kick off the Interact group;
· We anticipate Memory Café to continue and would like to encourage Club member participation;
· Incorporating some New Generations' ideas flowing from other clubs;
· Strengthening the participation of youth with Rotary by exploring ideas such as elementary school and middle school clubs;
· Establishing a link with the UVic Rotaract Club (we’ll have to link with the Victoria Club who is their current sponsor)
· AND…any other great ideas that are put forward by our Club and/or the Students
..... Lori McLeod

This year, 2012, our Adventures in Citizenship student is Caitlin Mangiacasale-Ashford
Our RYLA Representatives: Heather Van Tassel and Emma Thomson

Interact Co-Presidents 2011/2012 are Caitlin Mangiacasale-Ashford, Heather Van Tassel and Leanna Bedell

Interact Co-Presidents for 2012/2013 are Moira Hall, Kaitlyn Bettauer, and Anna Young.

Oak Bay High School Interact Club from previous years:


The 1st Annual Vancouver Island & Washington Peninsula International Interact Leadership Conference & ShelterBox Campout, held at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre on April 24th and 25th was a great success. Over 40 students from the Port Townsend, Port Hardy, Nanaimo and Oak Bay Interact Clubs and the UVic Rotaract Club were in attendance.

notesThe students experienced what it was like to set-up and spend a night in a ShelterBox tent, shared project and fundraising ideas, explored leadership, shared their concerns and hopes for the world, and heard from a variety of speakers. As well they had an opportunity to learn about each others’ lives in their own countries. The conference was truly international in that we not only had students from the US and Canada, but we also had an exchange student from Mexico in attendance. There was talk among the Nanaimo club members of hosting the event next year and the Port Townsend club hosting it the following year – it looks like we may have started something . . .

As can be seen from the list below, there were a great many people whose efforts came together to make this event a success. Thanks go out the following:

Don Ohlgren, who not only supplied the ShelterBox tents and t-shirts, but who provided the initial idea of a campout as well as a considerable amount of encouragement throughout.
Anne Ohlgren (below), who presented the Nanaimo and Port Townsend Interact Clubs with plaques recognizing their successful fundraising efforts in purchasing ShelterBoxes.

Nanaimo ShelterBox plaque Port Townsend interact plaqueDave Atchemchiuk, ShelterBox Response Team member, recently back from deploying ShelterBoxes in Chile, who assisted the students with the tents, and who shared his experiences as an SRT member.

The speakers: Steve Donahue who spoke about life changing experiences and following your gifts, Jeff Torres who spoke about his experiences with Canada World Youth, and John Jordan who spoke about the Rwanda project he was involved with.

Steve Donahue

Janet Collier for coordinating the use of the Recreation Centre, her commitment to the Oak Bay Interact Club, and for all the help during the conference. Bryon Ewart and the Sports View Staff for preparing and serving our Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch.


Steve Price, Interact Club teacher sponsor and chaperone, who coordinated our use of the High School and supported the students’ efforts in organizing the conference.

The chaperones from each of the clubs: Kay Smallwood and Jeffery Hartman from Port Townsend, Doug McCorquodale from Port Hardy, Joan Ryan and Skye McCrae from Nanaimo and Michelle Brown from Oak Bay Recreation Centre.

Phil Woods of the Rotaract Club, who worked with the Interact Students in organizing the conference.
John Jordan, Lorna Curtis, and Tricia Timmermans for transporting the Port Townsend group to and from the Coho Ferry. The Rotarians and their guests who joined us for Saturday’s dinner.

The Rotary Clubs of Nanaimo, Royal Oak Centennial, Colwood and Sidney, who supported the conference through donations as well as the Rotary Clubs who supported the Interact Clubs that attended. Without Rotary support the event wouldn’t have happened.

Oak Bay Student Council, Recreation Youth Programmes and Coordinators of Greater Victoria, Cobbs Bakery, Safeway, Boormans, and Bungalow for their donations and contributions.

All the students who attended, both Interact and Rotaract. It was a great pleasure to experience their energy, enthusiasm and passion for making the world a better place.

Steven Wong, Matt Marshall, Logan Graham, Jaclyn Gavas, Clara Bradley and Emily Chan of the Oak Bay Interact Club who put considerable effort into making the conference a success.

Pete and Jean Lawrie, for their time and effort preparing and serving Saturday’s lunch and Sunday’s breakfast. Also an extra special thanks to Pete who not only served as mentor to the Oak Bay Interact Students, but who also encouraged me to stick with it when I was having doubts as to whether or not the conference was a go. Without his support, the conference would have never happened.

Yours in Rotary,


Jim Force



Interact Donation to the Malawi Girls Secondary School at the Rotary Club of Oak Bay
... www.malawigirlsonthemove.com

sara meghan

Read Sara's Speech to the Rotary Club of Oak Bay on June 10, 2008


Some Useful Information:
Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people ages 14-18. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.

Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of:

...Developing leadership skills and personal integrity;

...Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others; and

...Advancing international understanding and goodwill.

This year, Oak Bay High Interact Club will hopefully complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill.

Click here for information on some of the Rotary programs such as RYLA and the Rotary Youth Exchange program. There's also Adventures in Citizenship and Adventures in Music (Register) - both fabulous opportunities for youth.

This Link has a wealth of information on Interact opportunities.

Interact meets in Studio B (near the Basketball court and the Tennis Bubble) at Oak Bay High School on Monday at Noon

Did you know? As one of the most significant and fastest-growing programs of Rotary service, with more than 8,600 Interact clubs in some 110 countries and geographical areas, Interact is indeed a worldwide phenomenon.

The 2005-06 OAK BAY INTERACT CLUB presidents (Leyland and Emma) and their T-Shirt Campaign to help alleviate HIV/AIDS in Africa made the International ROTARIAN MAGAZINE! Ask at the school office to see the copy of the Rotarian Magazine. The article (with photo) is on page 47.

Interact Club 2006-07
Interact Club 2006 - 2007 with then Rotary liaison Therese Eley far right

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