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International Services Committee

International Services Logo

Chair: Pete Lawrie

Committee Goals:

  • Rotary is International, therefore without International there is no Rotary. This means that International is essential.
  • Our Club volunteers contribute to Rotary’s mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace.
  • Personal involvement by our Rotarians in international volunteer service.
  • Be a positive force in less fortunate communities around the world by sharing our knowledge and experience through hands-on participation.
  • Promotion of support for disaster relief projects.
  • Promotion of increased knowledge of Rotary's international service objectives through international projects opportunities and activities

OUR INTERNATIONAL SERVICES PROJECTS for 2012-2013 Eco-Stoves Project - Rwanda. 
The aims of this project are: 

  • Our Club volunteers contribute to Rotary’s mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace.
  • Assist in designing, constructing and distributing fuel-efficient and smoke-free wood burning stoves in Rwandan villages.
  • Establish self-sustaining Eco-Stove production centers in three communities in Rwanda.
  • Train local youth and provide supervision in production of 10,000 stoves in each community.
  • Improve family income by establishing a sustainable employment enterprise in each location. 
  • Improve health (due to greatly reduced smoke generation), reduce deforestation (due to a complete combustion and hence a reduction in the use of wood).

This project is supported by our Club funding, District Community Grant and PUC contribution
Rotarian John Jordan from our Rotary Club will be in Rwanda in early 2013 to supervise this project.  

Mobile Dental Clinic for Guatemala
The aims of this project are:

  • To provide ongoing free dental care, oral surgery, restorative work, and cleaning by hands-on voluntary work by Rotarian Dr. John Snively assisted by Rotarians Jacqueline Mealing and local dental health technicians. 
  • The Mobile Dental Unit provides ambulatory dental service in six Guatemalan communities (population 33,000)
  • Providing partial funding for a mobile x-ray unit complimentary of the Mobile Dental Unit being used by Oak Bay Rotary Club dentists and other visiting dentists.
  • Provide dental and nutritional education to children in schools and to women’s' groups.

Oak Bay Rotarians,  Dr. John Snively, Jacqueline Mealing and Tricia Timmermans will be in Guatemala in early 2013 to assist with this project.

Toilets for remote village community in Cochin, India
Many families in remote villages in India do not have proper toilets. Water-born and other related diseases are common in some areas in India. The aim of this project is:

  • To alleviate these problems by building ten toilets with accompanying septic tanks for needy families in the villages near Cochin, South India.

The funding for this project is provided by Rotary Club of Oak Bay, District Matching Grant, PUC in collaboration with Rotary Club of Cochin, who is our International Host partner. Oak Bay Rotarian PP Rev. Mark Bedford is leading this project. He will visit India in February 2013.

Water and Sanitation Project for Las Rosas Gardin de Niños – A Kindergarten School in  Mexico
The aims of this project are:

  • To construct two bathrooms with separate cubicles for girls and boys.
  • To construct a common hand washing station outside the two cubicles. 
  • To construct a small storage unit is also included.
  • To involve parents and the local community during the planning and construction stages.

These improvements will benefit the current 16 students and an increasing number of students each year.
The Rotary Club of Royal Oak Centennial has adopted this project and they have applied for a District for a District Matching Grant (DMG). Rotary Club of Oak Bay and the Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay will also financially support this project. Rotarian PP John Edgell will be in Mexico in early 2013 and will participate in this project.

APU Malawi Girls School – Malawi
We continue our commitment to support the education for one or two incoming (2013) students at the APU Secondary School in Malawi.

Disaster Aid Canada
In October 2012 we donated one Disaster Aid Box from our Club’s designated funds. This year we will donate one Disaster Aid Box.

Project Unity Committee (PUC)
Seven Rotary Clubs in the Greater Victoria Area have joined forces to financially support one another’s projects by pooling money into a common fund each year. The aim is to support needy projects by supplementing funds provided by various Rotary Clubs and the District.

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