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President's Goals

Jim Force: President, Rotary Club of Oak Bay, 2014-2015

My primary goal this year as president is to make it easier to be an Oak Bay Rotarian, and to serve on the Club’s Board of Directors. My plan for accomplishing this is as follows:

  1. In order to reduce the workload of the president, I have initiated a Master of Ceremonies process for our regular Tuesday meetings in which each month a different club member will have the full responsibility for running the meetings. My role as president will be to provide support and to report to the membership as needed.
  2. To make serving on the Board of Directors easier: To do this, we have expanded the practice of Co-chairs to several of the portfolios. The Director and Co-chair will divide the portfolio responsibilities between them.
  3. I have set Club Service as one of my priorities. The specific goal I have for this is that 80% of our Club members will have a “role” or “job” during the year that goes beyond regular meeting roster responsibilities. To achieve this goal, I have asked Directors and Chairs of committees to engage people by inviting them to take on a specific role or job for their respective committees.
  4. To make it easier to meet the attendance requirements and at the same time build fellowship within the Club, I will expand on the Community Action Team idea started last year, by identifying and organizing a monthly hands-on project in which members can participate. These activities, along with others that Club members can attend, will be sent out each month along with the Tuesday meeting speakers’ list.
  5. Finally, I will encourage Club members to realize that there are many different ways of being a participating Rotarian other than attending the regular Tuesday meetings.

My second goal, which is a very personal one, is to secure a healthcare enhancement global grant for Timor-Leste. This grant will deal with the training of doctors and lay midwives as well as providing some much needed medical and computer equipment.


My final goal is to assist in keeping the Club functioning in the high level to which it is accustomed. To do this, I will support the Club Directors in the goals they set for their respective portfolios.


Yours in Service,

Dr. Jim Force, President

Rotary Club of Oak Bay

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